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Fast Track Your Career With International Experience

Prepare yourself for job seeking abroad, international relocations, cultural differences and expat assignments

International Experience is Great for You and Your Career

  • Increased Cultural Fluency
  • Enhanced Global Awareness
  • Greater Independence and Confidence
  • Newly Developed Skills
  • Stronger Resume
  • Improves Adaptability and Teamwork
  • Improves Communication Skills
  • Shows Your Ambition

In over 2 hours of video including 13 lectures we will cover all you need to know to push your career to the next ‘international’ level. Course is shaped in chronological way allowing you to follow decision process, preparation to move and move itself.

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Internal Controls – Design, Implementation and Monitoring

Become a Compliance Specialist to Create and Maintain Strong Internal Controls Environment

Manage Risks of Your Organization with Effective Internal Controls

  • Learn Internal Control Definition, Types, and Objectives
  • Understand Internal Control Components and Principals
  • Implement Efficient Internal Control Monitoring
  • Recognize and Remediate Control Deficiencies
  • Improve Your Control Environment.

In over 6 hours of video including 27 lectures we will cover all you need to know to become comfortable working with and designing internal controls. Each of three sections contains article summarizing most important concepts from all lectures and short quiz where you can test your new knowledge. Additionally, some of the lectures contain Action Points that help you practice your new skills directly for your organization needs.

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