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Fast Track Your Career With International Experience

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New udemy training about International Experience is live. For those who would like to participate with link placed before you can get the training for just 10$. If you decide to register and participate, please don’t forget to leave a review on Udemy webiste.

World becomes smaller and more accessible with every day. More and more people need or want to move their life to another country to gain new experience, earn more money or progress their careers.  This training will be a great source of knowledge before making final decision and good point of start for planning your move.

International Experience is Great for You and Your Career

  • Increased Cultural Fluency
  • Enhanced Global Awareness
  • Greater Independence and Confidence
  • Newly Developed Skills
  • Stronger Resume
  • Improves Adaptability and Teamwork
  • Improves Communication Skills
  • Shows Your Ambition

Learn How To Organize Successful Move Abroad

Once you decide to make the move there are many challenges and pitfalls waiting for you. It is always good to learn from those who already experienced them and make sure you are as much prepared as possible. Success of any move abroad is highly related to your mindset as well as detailed planning.

Content and Overview

In over 2 hours of video including 13 lectures we will cover all you need to know to push your career to the next ‘international’ level.  Course is shaped in chronological way allowing you to follow decision process, preparation to move and move itself.

First you will learn how move abroad can impact you and your career.  Next, we will cover necessary research of countries and environment, legal aspects with visas and work permissions. Following we will see in detail how to compare offers and salaries between different countries and regions. I will teach you how to practically create simple model that will allow you for detailed estimate of your salary expectations. Next, we will cover step by step preparation before the move as well as what to do during first days and weeks in new country. Finally, we will talk about problems, challenges and understand what is culture shock.

Upon completion, you should be able make conscious decision if you want to move abroad, evaluate job offers from other countries, research if specific city or region is suitable for you and your familly You should be also well prepared to avoid big problems during the move and mitigate many challenges coming your way.

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