Analiza Danych – Podstawy, Teoria i Praktyka

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[This is announcement about new Udemy data analytics training available in Polish language] Najnowsze szkolenie Udemy o analizie danych jest już dostępne! Dla tych którzy chcieliby wziąć w nim udział, z tym linkiem jego cena to jedyne 35zł lub 10$. Jeśli zdecydujecie się zapisać, pamiętajcie proszę o wystawieniu oceny na stronie Udemy. Z góry dziękuję! […]

International Experience Header

Fast Track Your Career With International Experience

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New udemy training about International Experience is live. For those who would like to participate with link placed before you can get the training for just 10$. If you decide to register and participate, please don’t forget to leave a review on Udemy webiste. World becomes smaller and more accessible with every day. More […]

Continuous Monitoring Design

Continuous Monitoring Rollout – Development

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Learn best practices of continuous monitoring development with use of ACL Analytic Exchange platform. DOCUMENTATION Technical overview Each rollout of analytics should be supported by technical overview documentation including following information: List of all the scripts and relations between them List of the related files and parameters Schedule of scripts (frequency) Naming details (scripts / results) Script […]

Internal Controls Udemy Training

Internal Controls – Design, Implementation and Monitoring – Udemy Training LIVE!

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  Become a Compliance Specialist to Create and Maintain Strong Internal Controls Environment A strong internal controls system is one of the best mitigation strategies for managing operational and financial risks. This course aims to provide you all necessary knowledge to create and maintain effective control environment. We will also cover how to efficiently review internal […]

Continuous Monitoring Rollout - Design

Continuous Monitoring Rollout – Design

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Continuous Monitoring evaluates transactions and master data to detect and report on a timely basis on variations to the expected results of business controls. Difficulty of automated monitoring of internal controls is not related to complexity of software, highly advanced analytic logic or vast amounts of data. Those are frequently quite simplistic in comparison with […]

What is a WHIZ?

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whiz or whizz [hwiz, wiz] verb (used without object), whizzed, whizzing. 1. to make a humming, buzzing, or hissing sound, as an object passingswiftly through the air. 2. to move or rush with such a sound: The angry hornets whizzed by in a cloud. verb (used with object), whizzed, whizzing. 3. to cause to whiz. 4. […]